PhDing in a pandemic

Since finishing my PhD in the thick of the UK’s latest COVID-19 lockdown, I’ve been asked a torrent of questions by fellow PhDers, higher-ups and curious bystanders. “What was the viva like?” “How did you find the write-up in lockdown?” “Do you have any advice on finding a postdoc in a pandemic?” Now, full disclosure: … Continue reading PhDing in a pandemic

Pilling in the name of

It's about time I told you about pill bugs. You would be forgiven for thinking I refer to some sort of oblong Hemipteran (i.e. true bugs, which the title "bug" should truly accord with). The reality is that I could be referring to one of two quite taxonomically distinct animals. One would be forgiven for … Continue reading Pilling in the name of

Rolling in money spiders

Arachnophobes often recoil at the arrival of a leggy speck of black on their clothes during a peaceful stroll. Fear not, it is but a money spider!

Dangers on the Web: the Internet of Biological Things

New internet technologies permeate biological sciences, expanding the boundaries of possibility, but is this safe?