Welcome to Biocoenosis, a new blog aiming to cover a broad spectrum of ecology and allied subjects.

A biocoenosis is an assemblage of closely associated organisms living in a community, much akin to the contributors and, hopefully, the audience of this blog. Though the blog will focus on ecology and evolution, other subjects, such as philosophy, academia, and art, will be tangentially explored where linked.


Jordan Cuff – I graduated from Cardiff University in 2014 with a Biology BSc and in 2016 with an MRes in Biosciences. Much of my research so far has focussed on molecular ecology, community ecology and trophic interactions. I’m currently working toward a BBSRC-funded PhD investigating spider prey choice in cereal crops. 

Twitter: @JordanCuff
LinkedIn: Jordan Cuff
Email: JordanCuff@gmail.com

Jordan Cuff

Maximillian Tercel – After graduating from Bangor University in 2016, I undertook an MSc in Entomology at Harper Adams University. I’m broadly interested in entomology, ecology, and evolution. I’m now studying for a NERC-funded PhD in invasive ant ecology at Cardiff University.
Twitter: @MaximumInsect
LinkedIn: Maximillian Tercel
Email: tercelm@cardiff.ac.uk

Max Tercel